Goodbye Bikram Yoga

Today I broke up! It was such an amazing experience😘

17 years ago was when I fell in love with Bikram Yoga, we have had an amazing relationship for about 10 years. Then things started to get a bit shaky….. I hurt my knee and got a bakers cyst from over extended my knee due to following the locked knee instruction from lots of instructors.

Then 7 years ago my thought of breaking up started, practicing in Saudi Arabia for a beautiful Indian women made my doubts even stronger. I started teaching and got a different practice and a deeper one.

But then when I got pregnant and I practiced more and made adjustments and was being more humble for the postures and for my body, I fell in love again and decided to give it another chance. And so I did and really gave it another chance and went big. I opened the first Hot Yoga Studio in my town and started teaching 10-15 classes a week, loving it and practicing myself in my own studio. After two years things got a bit shaky again, I went to train for Bikram in the summer and felt like this is not someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. The feeling inside me started to grow even more, and I didn’t listen to it so my adrenal gland said stop.

I got pregnant again and my Fallopian tube broke during a class and I had to operate it and I was one Fallopian tube short😎

One year after i was pregnant again with baby H and decided to close my studio in Johanneberg. It was a hard one to do but the further I went in my pregnancy the more positive I was towards the choice I made. I already then got question if I would open again and I said yes, but I knew it was not going to be hot. At the same time my friend Liz was with Tony Sanchez in Mexico and I booked my training there when baby H was 8 months old.

Coming to Tony I really understood that I could not go back to teaching Hot Yoga anymore, I had thought that i was alone thinking the way I did when I taught but I was not alone. Tony had the same approach toward the practice.  When I opened my studio a year later in Guldheden there was no heat.

During this time I have been going to hot yoga classes almost always exit with a disappointment since the teacher most of the time didn’t meet my expectations….. I have been told of by a studio owner to respect Bikrams dialogue more than the signs from my own body. But I kept going once in a while, ate humble pie and kept myself in the far back trying to hide. Since I like the postures a bit modified and I like to sweat.

I went into the hot room the other day and a had a great class and still liked it, I like the way Seba teaches and he is saying so many great things and knows so much about yoga. But the class I had today I just made up my mind and I said, this is it! No more Hot Yoga for me. I’m done! It has as I said been great from time to time and occasionally I have meet teachers who are great but most of the time just teachers standing in the front with no interest in how or what their students feel.

The sequence is great but with no heat. My face turns purple and my heartbeat does not even go up anymore so that benefit is gone. There is no upper body strength and you just don’t get stronger. And for all you people out there who thinks Hot Yoga is a better way to loose weight than any other workout, show me some proof of that! Look at the majority of the Hot Yoga instructors, either they are skinny by nature or they have no muscles and a bit flabby from all the stress they put their body in. And if they are fit or skinny I can bet they practice other type of yoga or other sports! Or have eating disorders…. I have never practiced yoga to get skinny just to feel healthy!

So bye from me and if you want to practice a physical form of yoga that is fun come to me in Gothenburg and practice and I will teach you a sustainable yoga that you get strong from and can practice for the rest of your life!

Breaking up is always hard to do but after the process is done and has landed you feel a bit relieved! I have left a bit of my old me behind and so look forward to see what the future holds in its hands for me😊💃🏾👣👣

I bow myslef and say thanks for all the years!