Sugar and kids


This is why I am so anal when it comes to sugar and my kids. The reason why I have discussions and have to say no a lot. We are in Sweden headed with a high speed to the same as in US. Obesity that is not connected to people eating to much but eating wrong and to much added sugar and processed foods. And together with not moving enough. Sweden is the country in the world that has the most gastric bypass operations per capita and that is nothing to be proud of. If we would invest that money in educations for kids and bann sugar and processed foods in schools. Also we as parents have to take actions and say NO to our kids! They are small and to be honest their brains are not fully developed so they have no idea what is best for them. My 3 yr old would walk around naked all day just eating ice-cream and staying up all night watching violent cartoons never flushing the toilet and not washing of anything, hands, plates, floors and himself. Hitting eachother with sticks when they dont get wht they want and bursting out in raging tantrums. Sounds amazing?? That is not the way to live your life 365 days a year.


In our want to be friends with our kids we loose the job that is given to us as parents. To be rollmodels and to set good examples and to prepare our kids for the world. They will not surrvive a second since in the real life you get lots of NO.


Im not pointing fingers at anyone and I dont want to let people know what I do since people think i am full of myself. I am the boring mom who say no and who often interfear with other kids even if i dont know them if I see them doing something bad. But I have never told an adult off when they give their kids icecream and soda everyday. But i so feel like it. And then it hits me that they might not know why not? So here is an article for all of you who thinks its ok for kids to eat candy and sweets often!