Sköna maj och tyst retreat


Efter en helg på Frötuna gård med Björn Nattiko Lindeblad

What a weekend! Silent for two days spending time with me and my mind, eating healthy delicious food and being guided in meditations by @natthiko 😊 wish it was a few days longer and could for sure stay @frotunaretreat for some more days! I have spent lots of time with myself and I have to say I like me😉 travels by myself since I was in my teens and gone out doing things solo for a long time. So hanging with me is no problem. And I am pretty nice to myself, I don’t say things to myself that I would not say to others. Also. Being pretty tolerant with people around me my yoga practice has taught me since I was 15 since I am giving myself cred it’s easy being nice to others. Like Björn said I have felt often. “I feel more beautiful than I look” and in a society that profits from self doubt I am pretty happy with that. I have amazing friends and family around me and so many amazing people to call friends❤️ I work with something that make people grow! Unfortunately not my wealth but is that really important? Sure to pay the bills but if push comes to shove I will have to borrow money from my family and friends. And Johan has another 2 years of med school then he will earn money. Can’t spend time worrying about that! What I find hard sitting in meditation is being friends with my body. From living an active life it has its bruises and thorns! It’s not the surface of my body, what you all see, and it’s not my inner core that is my heart and mind. It’s what’s between that. The pain I live and deal with everyday. Scanning my body everyday I wake up to detect where the pain is this day and how it feels. Three herniated discs, a hip bruised by a car accident, a shoulder, a broken back, my foot, my missing of a Fallopian tube that hurts when I ovulate, my belly button hernia scars from the Fallopian tube operation…. yes the list can go on and on! But we all have our luggage to carry and mine is physical, just like the yoga I teach! The mental stuff is no problem for me! I like myself and people around me and this weekend I gave myself time to try and just be at ease with my body!! So Hello new week and Hello body! I refuse to give you painkillers and continue to be active!